Opportunities for UCI Undergraduates

Undergraduate research. All KCCAMS-affiliated faculty and researchers mentor undergraduate students in research (EarthSS 199 credit or employment).

Please inquire about current opportunities in terrestrial biogeochemistry and/or atmospheric chemistry research (Drs. C. Czimczik, J. Randerson, G. Santos, X. Xu) or marine biogeochemistry and/or paleoclimate research (Drs. E. Druffel, K. Johnson, F. Primeau, J. Southon).

Undergraduate technicians. The KCCAMS facility employs undergraduate students to help with sample preparation and other laboratory tasks. For current opportunities, please contact Dr. X. Xu (xxu@uci.edu) or H. Martinez De La Torre (hamartin@uci.edu).


W. M. Keck Carbon Cycle Accelerator Facility 
Department of Earth System Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3100, USA

Paleoclimate &
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

J. Southon (jsouthon@uci.edu)
H. Martinez De La Torre (hamartin@uci.edu)
G. Santos (gdossant@uci.edu)
B321 Croul Hall
Phone: +1 949 824-3674

Marine Biogeochemistry
E. Druffel (edruffel@uci.edu)
S. Griffin (sgriffin@uci.edu)
2212 Croul Hall
Phone: +1 949 824-3286

Terrestrial Biogeochemistry,
Aerosol & MICADAS

X. Xu (xxu@uci.edu)
C. Czimczik (czimczik@uci.edu)
G. Santos (gdossant@uci.edu)
2222 & 2313 Croul Hall
Phone: +1 949 824-3444