Fees for Radiocarbon Analyses

Fees (in $US) for sample preparation and analyses vary by sample type and follow a tiered structure, with lower fees available to academic research groups affiliated with any University of California campus (UC) or other academic/non-profit institutions (non-UC, non-profit) than other clients (non-UC, commercial). 

Sample type/procedure UC Non-UC, non-profit Non-UC, commercial
Physical and chemical cleaning* $50 $75 $85
Combustion $30 $45 $55
Cleaning* and hydrolysis $40 $60 $70
CO2 extraction from air $60 $90 $100
All sample types
Conversion to graphite** $40 $60 $90
14C measurement $80 $120 $180
δ13C measurement $10 $30 $40
AMS/IRMS measurement standard and blanks***

*Clients must isolate macrofossils from the sample matrix prior to submission. Specialized services such as charcoal, pollen or foram picking or individual compound separation are not available (but see sample submission (link to Client services/Sample submission)). 

**All samples must be converted to graphite prior to analysis. Clients may arrange for submission of graphite targets made at their laboratory.

***Fees might be requested for standards and blanks used in method development studies that exceed the typical amount of reference materials needed for analyses. Please contact KCCAMS staff to discuss your specific needs.

Billing and Payment Procedures

Analyses are invoiced after the results are reported. KCCAMS staff will contact the client to arrange payment. UC clients may pay with direct recharge. Non-UC clients may arrange payment by check or wire transfer.


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