Sample Types

The KCCAMS facility routinely accepts a wide range of sample types, including charcoal, wood, seed, carbonates, animal remains, CO2, and bulk aerosol. The preferred minimum sample size for a 14C measurement is 1 mg carbon. Smaller sample sizes may be analyzed at reduced precision upon special request. 

Other sample types (including DOC, DIC, aerosol fractions, and CH4) may be analyzed upon special request and/or as part of research collaborations with KCCAMS faculty and researchers.

Sample type Typical sample size to yield 1mg C
C-rich organics*
Not requiring physical and chemical cleaning
Wood, charcoal, seeds, macrofossils 2.5 mg dry weight
Bulk aerosol on quartz filter Contact staff
Aerosol fraction on quartz filter Contact staff
Dissolved organic carbon Contact staff
Requiring physical and chemical cleaning
Wood, charcoal, seeds, macrofossils 5 mg dry weight
Lake sediments, peat** 10 mg dry weight
Bone (well preserved) 25 mg dry weight
Collagen 2.5 mg dry weight
Not requiring cleaning
Shells, foraminifera, coral 10 mg dry weight
Requiring cleaning
Shells, foraminifera, coral Contact staff
Pure CO2 2 cc (@STP)
CO2 in ambient air 6 L
DIC Contact staff
CH4 Contact staff
Freshwater DIC Contact staff

*For low-carbon organic material the carbon content can vary widely and no estimate for the preferred minimum sample size can be given. For more details contact KCCAMS staff.

**We discourage the dating of bulk soil, peat, or sediments, because those materials are often a mixture of components with widely differing ages.

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