KCCAMS | W. M. Keck Carbon Cycle Accelerator Mass Spectrometer Facility


The KCCAMS facility is open, and operating with minimal staff and special cleaning and physical distancing measures in place as outlined by the State of California and UC Irvine. We are accepting and processing samples and do not expect an increase in turnaround times as a result COVID-19. We welcome questions or comments at: jsouthon@uci.edu.


UC Irvine’s KCCAMS radiocarbon (14C) measurement facility is dedicated to supporting carbon cycle research. It combines the KCCAMS sample preparation laboratory (link to KCCAMS sample preparation laboratory; to be created) that accepts samples from domestic and international researchers and three research laboratories that process samples for terrestrial/atmospheric, marine, and paleoclimate research.

Faculty & Researchers

John Southon

Ellen Druffel

Claudia Czimczik

Jim Randerson

Kathleen Johnson

Susan Trumbore

Guaciara Santos

Xiaomei Xu

Patrick Rafter


Chanda Bertrand

Specialist/Prep Lab Manager


Hector Martinez

Associate Specialist


Nassib Shammas

Assistant Specialist


Jazmin Sanchez

Jr. Specialist




Keck – CCAMS Group
Earth System Science Department
2222B Croul Hall
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3100
Phone: +1 949 824 3444 (Lab)