Current Group Members

Mathieu Morlighem

Evans Professor

Principal Investigator

Ice-climate interactions, ice sheet contribution to sea level rise, ISSM founder and core developer

Josh Cuzzone

Project Scientist


Response of the Greenland ice sheet over the holocene

Thiago dos Santos



International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, Adaptive Mesh refinement

Tyler Pelle

Graduate Student


Stability of East Antarctica, Ice-ocean interactions and model coupling

Shivani Ehrenfeucht

Graduate Student


Seasonal changes in Petermann’s ice flow speed, subglacial hydrology

Mattia Poinelli

Graduate Student


Ice-ocean interactions, crack propagation, ice-shelf stability

Past Group Members

  • Youngmin Choi (PhD student, graduated in 2020, now postdoc at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

  • Felicity McCormack (Fullbright Fellow 2019, now Research Fellow at Monash University)

  • Nicolas Mokus (Intern 2019, now PhD student at University of Otago)

  • Johannes Bondzio (postdoc 2017-2018)

  • Ellen Robo (Intern 2018, now PhD student at Caltech)

  • Henning Åkesson (PhD student, graduated in 2018, now postdoc at University of Stockholm)

  • Claire Girard (Intern 2016, now working at Electricité de France)

  • Sylvestre Rebuffi (Intern 2015, now PhD student at Oxford)

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