Decisions Challenge

Principal K. of a middle school needs your help in designing a method to select a student body president to voice students’ concerns and needs to the school administration. The school has around 1,000 students in grades 6 through 8.

Submission: Write a letter to Principal K. detailing how the student body president should be chosen. Should the student body president be selected by the students themselves or should teachers also have an input in the selection process? Should the students vote for candidates? If so, what are the rules for the vote? Explain your method and state why you think your method will identify the best student body president for Principal K.’s middle school.

Prizes: The best submissions will earn a prize and will be posted on the Meeting 5 webpage. All submissions will earn credits for a raffle during the last meeting of this spring.

How to submit:

Math CEO middle school students should submit to your school’s Math CEO coordinating teacher via Google Classroom or other means.

UCI mentors can email submissions to