Meet our Fall 2023 Math CEO mentors!

Xuanrong Liang

Xuanrong is a second year Mathematics major and she is concentrated in application an computational math. She loves math and she is really interested in teaching math. She has also been helping her friends with studying math. To add, she took part in a Peer Tutor program in high school where she supported students in their courses.

Alexandra Peñuelas

Alexandra loves math because it’s a universal language we can all understand. She came to the US at a young age and math was the only subject she excelled in because it’s the same here and in Mexico. Math has always been her favorite subject in middle school and high school. She reached up to Calculus in her math education during k-12 learning.

Dianna Dominguez

Dianna is a second year Political Science major who is also working to double major with Education. One thing about her is that she really enjoys analyzing films and books since it gives her the opportunity to explain and talk to others about what she learned.

Angelina Alfaro

Angelina is a second year Education Sciences major at UCI! She is from LA County so whenever she gets the chance to come back and visit home, she loves to see her family and pets (2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 turtles, and a bunch of fish. It’s almost a zoo). She also works at UTC, specifically Blaze Pizza and she absolutely loves it. She describes it to be the best experience she could have for a first job since the hours are good, management is great, and she’s able to learn so much about time management, team work, and customer service (and pizza making).

Mandolin Cai

Mandolin is a junior Education major. She loves staying with students and enjoy the period that teaching and companying with students. She has patience in facing diverse students and expect to have more communication with them. She plans to double a psychology major, and this experience would help she a lot in understanding and learning how to teach and gain more relative experience. Also, she has experience in teaching because she has been joined an online voluntary teacher team in China before. It would support a lot.

Ha Phung

Ha is an Education Science major who loves teaching. English is Ha’s second language, so Ha is also practicing her “teaching” voice so that she can help students understand her better.

Angie Guzman Nava

Angie is a Criminology major here at UCI. She is from South Central Los Angeles and she enjoys going to Angels baseball games.

Neel Gore

Neel is majoring in computer science and language science. He plays tennis and ultimate frisbee, and used to competitively solve Rubik’s cubes.

Grace Xu

Grace is a first year mathematics major. She loves playing the cello and patting her cat Eevee.

Kelly Deichmann

Kelly a second year Education Science major and English minor. She loves teaching, surfing, and traveling!

Angie Coyote

Angie is a second-year Education major with a minor in Bilingual Education. She loves working with others and meeting new students who share a passion for teaching!

Jessica Fuentes

Jessica is a fourth year Education Sciences major. She has a pet husky and enjoys playing games on her Nintendo Switch.

Aimy Do

Aimy is a third year Business Economics major. She loves going on runs and her favorite movie is Cars.

Louie James Flores

Louie is a fourth year Education Sciences major. He loves playing volleyball and building computers. He also work for UCI Libraries’ IT department!

Rachelle Kim

Rachelle is a 2nd year Education Sciences major working to a double major in Psychology. She likes listening to rock and folk, with as dash of pop.

Lily Nguyen

Lily is a first year Mathematics major. She mentored underclassmen in math during her senior year in high school, and she really enjoyed it. Lily also loves to bake and play games.

Sean Ung

Sean is a fourth year Sociology major. He loves to draw and make friends.

Jiani Zhang

Jiani, who also goes by Evelyn, is a current senior at UCI majoring in Education Science. Jiani also loves traveling and listening to music.

Luca Valdevit

Luca is a sophomore at University High. He enjoys learning and spending time with friends.

Haohong Chenxie

Haohong, who also goes by Albert, is a 2nd year Math student. He loves to collect plastic model and assemble model kits.

Thomas Castro

Thomas is a first year math major. He enjoys listening to music and reading books.

Ange Li

I am a fifth year Psychological Science and Education double major. I love dancing. I love teaching and I love kids.

Ashlee Hunnicutt

Ashlee is a fourth year Education Sciences major. She likes to play video games and dancing around the house.

Yuan (Krystal) Li

Yuan, who also goes by Krystal, is a fourth year Education Science major. Yuan enjoys spending time with students and teaching them.

Judy Chu

Judy is a second year Education Sciences major. She likes baking bread and watching anime/kdramas. :))

Aldo Huerta

Aldo is a fourth year Education Sciences major. He enjoys helping others and playing soccer.

Diane Liu

Diane is a fourth year Education Sciences major and as of right now, she wants to become an elementary school teacher.

Hannah Hong

Hannah is a college freshman majoring in Psychology who enjoys photography, video editing, and debating.

Karin Shaffer

Karin is a fifth year Psychology major. She likes to read and bake cookies as well as other desserts.