A: Earth System Science

Predictions: Geography

Predicting Area

To understand the Earth, you need to know its geography. In Meeting 4, we learned how to make some rough predictions. Let’s see if we can estimate how big the Earth is. To begin, let’s first look at the land area of the U.S., relative to that of California.

Question 1: Estimate how many Californias will fit inside the area of the entire United States.
Approximate to the nearest whole number.

Points Assignment: If your answer is over the correct answer, you get 0 points. If your answer is less or equal to the correct answer, your answer will be number of points you earn. For example, if the correct answer is 10 and you guessed 12, you get 0 points. But if you guess 7, then you get 7 points.

We will take an average of all your team member guesses.