Becoming an Affiliate of Solutions that Scale

  • Solutions that Scale is an inclusive community of diverse disciplines converging to address global problems of climate change and environmental degradation. By supporting and connecting researchers from a broad range of disciplines, Solutions that Scale maximizes the impact of UCI’s interdisciplinary environmental research and educational programs. Membership as an Affiliate is open to all UCI faculty, students, and researchers whose research, teaching, outreach, and/or public service activities involve climate change.

    Becoming an Affiliate of Solutions that Scale is beneficial to your work because:

    • Solutions that Scale provides a scholarly network of faculty, students, and researchers who engage in intellectual exchange, and collaborate on research and other activities.
    • Solutions that Scale develops external partnerships with industry and policy sectors to aid in the translation and actionable progress of research.
    • Solutions that Scale organizes workshops focused on a specific environmental problem or potential solution, with a goal of developing products (e.g., review paper, proposal) of interdisciplinary research collaboration.
    • Solutions that Scale holds regularly scheduled seminars to foster connections across disciplines, and among a variety of sectors including academia, industry, and government.
    • Solutions that Scale offers graduate student support through its fellowship program.
  • Affiliate Application Form

    Please note: your entries will be reviewed and subsequently published on the Solutions that Scale webpage.
  • E.g., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, etc.
  • Please upload a photo of yourself to be included on the affiliated web page.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
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  • Please describe the overall objective of your research, and state your research interests.
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