We study how the planetary water cycle and climate work, and how it may change in the future, focusing on cloud physics and moist convection processes. Our tools are next-gen global atmospheric simulations, ocean-coupled climate dynamics, high-performance computing, and machine learning for turbulent process emulation and neural-network assisted inquiry.



*,+ denotes led by Pritchard’s UCI* (NVIDIA+) group; underlined are: PI-advised (P)ostdoctoral scholar or project scientist, (G)raduate student, (U)ndergraduate student and/or (N)VIDIA scientist. Prior to 2023, PI tended to occupy second author slot for closely advised work, following atmospheric science conventions.

2024 & In Review

+Mardani, M., N. Brenowitz (N), Y. Cohen (N), J. Pathak (N), C.-Y. Chen, C.-C. Liu, A. Vahdat, K. Kashinath, J. Kautz and M. Pritchard. Generative residual diffusion modeling for km-scale atmospheric downscaling [preprint].

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